Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My dirty little secret lol

A few months ago i decide to re-organize my craft room. I'm in the loft of my house so i have to be creative with my organization due to low ceiling on the sides.
 Some ( 45 to be exact ) of my MS Punches
This MM shelf holds 48 punches the first 4 shelves hold the punch around the page punch sets and the last 2 are border punches

Some of my paper pads 
Here i have 5 rows down and 3 rows across of the jetmax  cubes, the 3 on the far left holds my Bazzill Cardstock and the other 6 holds some paper pads, there's 3 shelves below with loose sheets of pattern paper sorted by brand in those clear envelope by Recollections from Michaels. 
(will share those pictures when clean up is complete ) lol

My dirty little secret lol
  My work table is a huge MESS i have not been able to create because of all this stuff on my work table lol

So this morning i had a nice long conversation with my friend Alice Brown of  http://alicebrowncreations.blogspot.com  We talk and laugh for a long time and i promise her i'll try to clean up and create something. 
Not today but soon. lol

So leave me a comment and if your work table/area is a hot mess
post a picture on your blog and leave a link in the comment section.
Thanks for stopping by
I need a nap i'm exhausted from photographing 


  1. Love the way you store your punches. My workspace is always a mess that's why I'm usually at the kitchen or dining room table. I'm not brave enough to share pictures! I can never seem to find the time to organize or clean it up!

  2. My workspace is not a hot mess, but I spend so much time reorganizing to acoommodate the stuff I keep buying, that I don't have a lot of time to create. Hope to change that in the near future!

  3. My work space is not a hot mess but I need to do a better job of organizing the things in my room. Hmm, maybe if I post pictures on my new blog I'll shame myself into completing the job. LOL

  4. Your hot mess is not as bad as mine, I assure you...my is a HAWT mess! I can't bring myself to post any pics because y'all would take my crafter's card, lol...seriously though, I'd really like to work on it because it has really affected my creativity! I work on my kitchen counter/dining room table too! I really love how you organized your punches though!

  5. LOL!!! This is NOTHING compared to my room right now!! I will show you how messy my room is... it's so bad, I have moved to the living room to create!! lol!!